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Automatic Control System (ACS)

Automatic control system (ACS) is designed to

  • management of DGU and GPU;
  • warning alarm when the controlled parameters of the diesel generator set and the control unit go beyond the set values;
  • generator and engine protections;
  • display of operating parameters of the generator and engine;
  • automatic accurate synchronization with the same type of diesel generator sets and GPU;
  • ensuring long parallel operation between the diesel generator set and the gas control unit with the same type of controllers with the distribution of active and reactive powers between the working diesel generator set and the gas control unit;
  • ensuring automatic start-up of diesel generator sets and gas compressor units when voltage disappears on the busbars of the local power station;
  • ensuring the automatic start-up of the backup diesel generator set and gas control unit, as part of the local power plant, with a deficit of generated power and automatic decommissioning when there is an excess of it (implementation of the integrated power plant control algorithm (Power Management);
  • transmitting information about the electrical parameters of the diesel generator set and the gas control unit, the state of the auxiliary generator, the operation of the protections and the state of the control circuits in the control system of the facility via the RS-485 ModBUS interface;
  • recharging starter batteries;
  • local manual (on the front side of the ShchUEA), semi-automatic and automatic control of starting and stopping the diesel generator set and the gas control unit;
  • automatic start-up of diesel generator sets and gas control unit upon command from a distance (dry contact);
  • implementation of the ABP algorithm (control of the supply network parameters, automatic start in case of a network failure, control of the mains and generator circuit breakers, reverse process with restoration of the emergency power supply circuit).

Generator Electrical Protection

  • over current;
  • active power overload;
  • from short circuit currents;
  • from reverse power;
  • from non-symmetry of currents;
  • from non-symmetry of stresses;
  • from loss of arousal;
  • from overexcitation;
  • from high / low level of current frequency;
  • from high / low voltage level.

Motor protection:

  • from an overheat of a cooling liquid;
  • from low pressure in the lubrication system;
  • from excess speed (spacing);
  • temperature of the generator windings.

Standard equipment:

  • Base Unit IS-NT-BB
  • Panel, LCD color LCD InteliVision
  • Dongle Software Key IGS-NT-LSM + PMS
  • Binary I / O Expansion Modules
  • Analog Input Expansion Modules
  • Universal input / output unit AIN-4, BIN -8, BOUT- 8, AOUT-1
  • Communication module with engine electronics
  • Communication module with voltage regulator
  • Transformer
  • CAN communication module – RS-232 / RS-485 (programming and monitoring of a system of several IS-NT-BB)
  • Charger 40A
  • Contactors, relays.
  • Intely Monitor Software.

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