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Complete transformer substation 10 (6) kV/ 0,4

Complete transformer substation 10 (6) kV is an electrical installation intended for receiving, converting (increasing or decreasing) voltage in an alternating current network and distributing electricity in power supply systems of consumers in rural, settlement, city, industrial facilities.

It consists of power transformers, switchgear RU (10; 6; 0.4kV), automatic control and protection devices.

Complete transformer substations 10 (6) kV are classified as step-up and step-down.

  • Step-up transformer substations (usually constructed at power plants) convert the voltage 0.4 generated by the generators into a voltage of 10 (6) kV.
  • Step-down transformer substations convert the primary voltage of 10 (6) kV to secondary 0.4 kV

Complete transformer substations are manufactured and delivered to the installation site in fully assembled form or in separate blocks.

By type of design, complete transformer substations (KTP) are divided into:

  • Sandwich Panels
  • In metal case

By type of RUVN:

  • Dead ends
  • Walk-through