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Block-modular diesel-electric power stations

Block-modular diesel-electric power stations is a welded enclosing structure, which consists of the following structural elements:

  • The bearing metal case;
  • Thermal insulation of the body, including the bottom, ceiling and walls;
  • Internal lining with a profiled sheet with a polymer coating;
  • Support structures, fasteners and installation elements for fastening equipment, assembly units and units of the power plant;
  • Mounting aperture for mounting and dismounting the power unit;
  • Technological openings with external folding hinged canopies for intake and exhaust of ventilation system air;
  • Technological opening for the exhaust system pipeline;
  • Entrance doors for staff;
  • Input devices for external power and control cables;
  • Input devices for technological pipelines.

Standard equipment:

  • Overall dimensions (LxWxH), mm:

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  • 2991x2438x2591
  • 6058x2438x2896
  • 9125x2438x2896
  • 12192x2438x2896

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  • Climatic modification U1 (+ 40 … -45 ° С);
  • Aggregate compartment;
  • Mounting opening with a removable panel;
  • Internal lining with a profiled sheet with a polymer coating;
  • One entrance door for staff;
  • Paintwork with industrial paints. Color of coloring according to the RAL color system.

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Additional options:

  • Increased dimensions of the block module;
  • Additional block modules to increase the internal volume of the room;
  • Climatic modification UHL1 (+ 40 … -60 ° С); ChL1 (+ 40 … -60 ° С);
  • Additional compartments (controls, electrical, fuel, etc.);
  • Mounting opening with gates;
  • Internal lining with perforated galvanized sheet (to increase sound attenuation);
  • Additional technological doors;
  • Gates for servicing the power unit;
  • Metallic paintwork.

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