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Block-modular boiler-houses

Block – modular boiler houses are intended for heat supply of residential, public and industrial facilities.  The following is used as fuel in boiler rooms:

  • Natural gas;
  • Liquefied gas (propane – butane);
  • Liquid (diesel) fuel.

Block – modular boiler houses  is consist of one or several transportable block – modules of full factory readiness.  The dimensions of the three types of block modules are given in table 1. The sizes of the modules correspond to the overall standards for transportation through the territory of the Russian Federation.














Delivery of block modules to the BMK installation site is carried out by road and / or rail.  After installing BMK on the prepared foundation, connecting the block modules to each other, connecting the boiler room to external utilities and chimneys, the boiler room is ready for commissioning and subsequent operation.

The warranty period for the boiler room is 12 months from the date of commissioning in commissioning tests, but not more than 18 months from the date of delivery.

This catalog shows the BMK series of installed capacity up to 10.5 MW, with the installation of up to 3 boilers with a unit capacity of not more than 3,500 kW each (Table 2).  The performance of the BMK series can be expanded by installing additional block modules of the corresponding type with boilers and auxiliary equipment.

In the presented (base) BMK range, boilers of Russian and foreign manufacturers are used:

  • ZIOSAB (Russia);
  • REMEX (Russia);
  • OAO Stroytransgaz (Russia);
  • Unical (Italy);
  • Ferroli (Italy);
  • VAR (Italy);
  • Viessmann (Germany);
  • Buderus (Germany)


As well as the following accessories:

  • Burner devices Cuenod (France);
  • Pumps “DAB” (Italy);
  • Plate heat exchangers “Ridan” (Russia);
  • Membrane expansion tanks “VAREM” (Italy).


At the request of the customer, BMK can be equipped with the main and auxiliary equipment of other manufacturers

The BMK complex includes:

  • block-modular building, consisting of transportable block modules;
  • boilers with burner devices;
  • domestic gas and / or liquid fuel equipment;
  • block of the internal circuit of network water;
  • hot water preparation unit (DHW);
  • block of network water pumps (options for several independent circuits are possible);
  • block of hot water pumps (DHW);
  • a block of chemical water treatment of the source water to feed and maintain static pressure in the heating network;
  • auxiliary equipment of the boiler room;
  • power supply shield;
  • boiler room operation control panel (can be combined with a power supply panel);
  • electrical equipment;
  • heating system and supply and exhaust ventilation;
  • fire – security alarm;
  • gas pollution alarm for methane and CO;
  • nodes for the commercial metering of released heat energy, tap water consumption, make-up water consumption, fuel consumption and consumed electricity;
  • control room for remote monitoring of the boiler room;
  • chimneys


Basic blocks are indicated on the layout Plans for equipment in BMC.

Architectural and construction part

Block-modular boiler house consists of one or more transportable modules, depending on the thermal performance of the boiler, model and number of installed boilers. Block-modules made of lightweight building structures based on a rigid metal frame with mounted heating, ventilation and lighting network.

Each block module is composed of structural elements: foundations, frame and cover (walls and roof).

Frame module is a metal spatial structure, is made on the basis of the platform. The module design allows to perceive snow, wind loads, the weight of the sandwich panels and the forces exerted when lifting the module. Pillars, beams and beams are made of roll-formed steel closed square tubing. All nodes performed on the weld.

The base of the block modules is made in the form of a horizontal platform of channel. Floor beams made of rolled u-sections and angles. The floor of the building multilayer: is made by technology of sandwich panels and consists of a binder – thick steel plate t=2.0 mm insulation thickness t=150 mm and the floor covering made of steel sheets with thickness t=5.0 mm as the insulation is applied non-combustible semi-rigid mineral wool based on basalt fiber. Protection of steel structures against corrosion made with the use of phosphating modifier rust SF-1 and subsequent painting invigorating primer (primer-enamel) in 2 layers.

The walls of the building are mounted, are attached to the frame using self-drilling screws with rubber washers. Exterior walls are made from panels of “sandwich of insulation thickness of 80-150 mm.

The roof is gable with unorganized drain from panels of “sandwich”. Panels are fastened to the joists and purlins self-tapping screws with rubber washers. All angular and ridged joints between the panels are covered with battens. The fastening of the battens to the panels is made with rivets.

Block-modules installed aluminum window and door opening to the outside. The glass area in the boiler room provides regulatory requirements for the area legkousvaivaemyh of the building envelope and illumination of the room. Characteristics of protecting designs meet the regulatory requirements of the Russian Federation.

Technology solution

The technological scheme of BMK provide the following temperature conditions:

  • for heating and ventilation – water according to the schedule – 95/70°C, 105/70°C;
  • for hot water – water 55°C (60°C);
  • for process water at request of customer.

In the technological blocks of the cooking water for heating systems, ventilation, process heat and hot water BMK installed two plate heat exchanger. The performance of each is not less than 60% of the total heat load of the circuit. Heat exchangers water network hydraulically separated from the district heating network consumers from boilers, protecting the boilers from the influence of external factors:

  • high dynamic or static pressure in the networks (hammering, elevation changes, etc.);
  • mechanical and chemical impurities from the district heating network of the consumer;
  • conditions and operation conditions of heat networks of the consumer, which increases the reliability of the boiler operation as a whole and increases the service life of the boilers.

Pump group BMC have 100% redundancy (one pump work, one backup). In the case of stopping the pump in operation, the switchover to backup happens automatically.

To make up for losses from leaks in a heating system and for the initial filling of the contours of the boiler, BMK installed in the automatic water treatment. Circuit and equipment are selected individually, depending on the chemical analysis of source water and the required volume of recharge. When the water pressure at the input to the boiler of less than 2.5 kgf/cm2 BMK installed in the pumps increase the pressure.All pipelines for connecting BMK to external utilities exit through the external enclosure of the module.

Automation Control and Security

BMK are equipped with automatic control and safety, allowing them to operate in automatic mode without the presence of maintenance personnel.

In the heating circuit, the temperature of the coolant is regulated depending on the outdoor temperature (weather-dependent control), which provides significant fuel savings and a comfortable mode in heated rooms.  The water temperature in the hot water circuit is kept constant at 55-60 ° C.

In the coolant (water) supply circuit for technological needs, the parameter values ​​are maintained in accordance with the Customer’s Specification.

The operation of the boiler room is monitored on a remote control panel by indicating alarms with sound and light alarms:

  • “fire”;
  • “unauthorized entry”;
  • “equipment malfunction”;
  • “gas contamination” by JI;
  • “gas contamination” according to CH4;
  • “solenoid valve operation” or “power failure”.


On the control panel in BMK, the alarm “equipment malfunction” is decrypted.  At the request of the Customer, the decrypted signals of “equipment malfunction” can be displayed on an additional control panel.

The operating parameters of the boiler room are monitored by instruments installed in the BMK premises and by the display of the control controller installed in the control panel.

The control system is implemented on the controllers of firms SAUTER (Switzerland) or B&R (Austria), which carry out control and dispatch functions.  Pump control (switching from emergency to standby) is carried out by devices of the company OVEN (Russia).

In accordance with the Customer’s Specification, the following can be additionally implemented in the BMK control system:

  • control of the boiler room parameters (emergency and working) in graphical form on the computer monitor screen in the control room;
  • an electronic journal archive of the operating and emergency conditions of the boiler room;
  • control of the boiler room parameters via the main communication channels (GSM, InterNet, etc.).


In BMK with VIESSMAN or BUDERUS boilers, Vitatronic and Logomatic automation of the same manufacturers are used, respectively.

Power supply BMK

BMK is supplied with power from two independent power sources.  The BMK has an automatic reserve input device (ATS).  In the boiler unit modules, working, emergency and repair lighting is installed, an internal grounding and lightning protection circuit is mounted.

A boiler room with an autonomous source of electricity is available.

BMK room heating and ventilation

In the block-modular building of the boiler room, a ventilation system is installed.

During the cold season, the temperature inside the boiler house is + 12 ° C.  To heat the boiler room in the building, an air heating unit is installed.

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